A Transcript of God’s Sovereignty – Some Facts About Our Universe, Bodies, & World That Amaze You!

A Transcript of God’s Sovereignty – Some Facts About Our Universe, Bodies, & World That Amaze You!

There’s a specialist’s child, Matt, who is a sophomore in school now. He’s partaking in a program in Irian Jaya. It’s classified “The Edge Experience.” That is a little, genuinely new program, and scholastically, it’s actually very thorough. The understudies most likely compose a bigger number of papers in this semester than they do in the event that they were at home. In any case, the papers are worked out in longhand, and they’re composed for the most part by candlelight. However, a large portion of the learning, as you could envision, doesn’t occur in the study hall, yet rather comes from living among “Stone-Age” individuals and being completely submerged in an entirely unexpected point of view and culture.

Matt was simply ready to call home once in the initial three months. The main thing he referenced was about the mail administration. It is famously temperamental. Both Linda, his mother, and Laurie, his better half, have sent him handfuls, even scores of letters, however, for a period, Matt hadn’t received any mail for around five weeks. Acknowledging ahead of time that this would have been what is going on, Linda and Laurie numbered their letters successively so Matt would be aware assuming he’s receiving his mail, and in the event that he’s getting it in an ideal style. Also, Matt says he got Laurie’s letter number seven and afterward five weeks after the fact he got her letter number 22. He didn’t have the foggiest idea what was in letters eight through 21, yet when he read letter number 22, he realize that all was great. It’s obvious, the subtleties could be filled in later.

This strikes me as an image of our lives too. We’ve perused the initial seven letters. We know where we’ve been. Be that as it may, we don’t have any idea yet what will be in letter number eight. So we stress over it. These things are from now on. That is the tomorrow, and a portion of the days ahead look exceptionally testing, I think, for us.

A few of us stress over our children. Like, how can they go to end up? A few of us stress over school expenses, and we trust frantically that Christ returns before we need to begin paying for future university the college. Practically we all stress over the eventual fate of medication and the difficulties that face us there. Yet, the uplifting news is the Uplifting news. God’s a mailman. He’s now conveyed letter number 22 to every one of us in his own penmanship through the sacred writings.

My letter said furthermore, this. He said, “Brant, you’ll be glad to realize that everything ends up fine and dandy.” God’s not making explicit vows to us that life probably won’t be extreme meanwhile, however He says this: “You can trust me. You can trust my power. You can trust my consideration. It will all end fine and dandy.” The sway (preeminent greatness, incomparable force) of God in our other lives.

Maybe at this point some of you have seen or found out about this little note. I stumbled into it from hearing a speaker. Furthermore, I need to impart this to you since there’s more weight of significance per square millimeter in this than you might conceivably envision. It says also, this:
“Hello. This is God. I will deal with every one of your concerns today. I won’t require your assistance. So have a decent day.”
Consider it. Remember it. Let’s assume it each prior day you get up.

I need to cause you to notice three entries of Sacred writing. You can go to them, on the off chance that you need, yet I’ll sort of sum up them decently fast. The first is Hymn 37. I’ll give you sections of refrains one through eight. It says:

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